Monday, August 2, 2010

Nice and quiet...

Saturday was a day full of emcomm activities at the Seattle Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for me. Starting at 1000 I joined other Seattle ACS members at the Seattle Office of Emergency Management's EOC for the Washington Emergency Management Division (WAEMD) EOC-to-EOC test. On every 5th Saturday the various EOCs in the state try to contact the state EOC each other. This was my first time participating and I was assigned to check-in to the HF net run from the state EOC. I was unable to check-in to the net. The spirits of HF propagation were not in my favor. Probably a combination of the storm that was hassling the state EOC and their operations from a field location. We hung up the mike at 1200 having never been able to contact the primary or alternate net control station.

Later that day I was back at the Seattle EOC which was being activated to support the Seafair Torchlight Parade. Volunteers from Seattle ACS monitored the amateurs helping along the parade route, Police and Fire frequencies. As the EOC was activated we had representatives from several city departments ready in the event of an incident. We didn't experience any incidents and spent the evening monitoring the parade, running table top exercises and generally chatting. A nice and quiet evening, just the way I like them.

Next time I'll make sure and bring some materials so I can work on my license upgrade or study disaster response plans.

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