Friday, June 18, 2010

Discovering Loss

In preparation for moving my brother into my QTH I needed to reorganize the storage unit to make room for his stuff. Since I was moving everything around I performed a “mini-inventory” of my radio gear. I didn’t find my Yaesu FT-290R II which is part of my packet radio setup. Thinking back I don’t remember moving it from the old QTH.

About a year ago we discovered the door storage unit at the old QTH had been pried open. I looked through the contents and didn’t think anything was missing. I guess I was wrong. So now it’s a year later and I’m short one radio. Like a fool I don’t have serial numbers for my radios written down and I didn’t file a police report. Live and learn I guess.

The new project for this weekend is to make a complete inventory of all of my radio gear, including serial numbers, and make sure I have insurance to cover any loss.

Does anyone have experience with the ARRL’s equipment insurance plan?

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