Friday, June 18, 2010

To the Field!

I've had my amateur license since November of 2000 and have had some good times operating VHF and UHF for various ARES exercises and public service events. This is a fine aspect of the hobby and I won't give it up, but I've been itching to wade out deeper into the water.

I already own a Yaesu FT-817 but was still missing a few parts to get on the air. Using some of my fun budget I purchased a Buddistick Deluxe antenna, a Z-817 auto-tuner and some coax cable with the proper connectors on the end. Once they arrive I will have everything needed to get on the air. Everything should fit in an easy to carry bag and while it might not be light enough for a serious backpacking trip I will be able to hike out and get on the air. In the future I will add some external batteries and other antenna options to expand the operating options.

(This November will be the 10th anniversary of being a licensed amateur radio operator. Where does the time go? Only have 15 years until I can join QCWA. ;)

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